Top 17 Best DIY Bicycle Ideas


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September 27, 2022

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We know your love for your bike, and sometimes the simple things give it your unique style. We have some helpful insights, recommendations, and ideas, whether you want to color-match the components on a brand-new bike or want to breathe new life into an old favorite.

Great DIY Bicycle Ideas

Any cyclist will tell you that it may be pricey to have your pedal-powered vehicle customized at a bike shop. Whether you use your bicycle for workouts, two-wheeled commuting, or lazy-day enjoyment, skip the colorful paint jobs and mass-produced bike baskets and try a DIY upgrade that fits your taste and cycling needs.

You can do a lot of things, from a fresh coat of paint to something a little less long-lasting like new grips or bar tape. Whatever your creative skill level, there are many possibilities; how about a hand-painted frame?

Read on to know about some of the great DIY ideas to give your bicycle a new look:

Arduino Turn Signal Bike Safety Vest

Cycling is undoubtedly satisfying, but due to the bicycle’s tiny size and lack of protection, there is an increased chance of an accident with other vehicles. By increasing your visibility to other drivers, this DIY Arduino bike safety vest enables you to lower this risk.

Being initially intended as a turn signal, it also makes cornering easy. To create it, you’ll need a generic 3D printer in addition to an Arduino Nano R3, customized PCB, NeoPixel RGB ring, Bluetooth module, 4.8V rechargeable battery, jumper wires, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), breadboard, and a push-button switch.

Smart LED Bike Lighting

This DIY project is for you if you typically ride at dawn or dusk and your budget won’t allow you to invest in a new set of lights. It enables you to make extremely brilliant, intelligent lighting for your bicycle using an Arduino Nano R3, a photocell, a 5mm LED, a resistor, and a battery. Additionally, the step-by-step procedure is really simple. Install the Arduino code, put everything together on a breadboard, and then mount it to your bicycle.

GPS LED Bike Speedometer

Nothing compares to the thrill of traveling at peak speed with the wind in your hair and little to no traffic down a bike-friendly roadway. Despite how exciting it may be, going too fast even when there isn’t any traffic is dangerous. This DIY speedometer uses GPS to track your speed to keep you from getting carried away and traveling too quickly. Through an RGB LED, the results are displayed.

You can also extend its functionality to show distance or any other useful riding statistics. Buy a push button, and an RGB LED strip, an Arduino Pro Mini, a GPS and charging module, a PLA, and a LiPo battery. Then put it together using hot glue and a few zip ties.

Auto-Gear Changer

For every cyclist, a geared bike is a game-changer. Even gear options for various speeds and terrains are available on some geared cycles. Long-distance riding trips can be undertaken without wearing you out because it involves little energy spending, even on difficult terrain.

Although they’re excellent, constantly shifting gears can get boring and draining, which is why this do-it-yourself project will improve your biking experience. The auto-gear mechanism then automatically changes your speed to the appropriate RPM. For example, this mechanism automatically changes your pace to the proper RPM when you ride faster or slower, enabling you to navigate challenging terrain with little effort.

Get Creative with Spray Paint

Getting tired of the color of your bicycle’s frame? Modify it! The frame must first be prepared by removing the old paint or washing and rubbing the existing paint. Before using the spray can, disassemble everything and cover any sections you don’t want to be painted with masking tape.

There is much room for easy-to-implement innovation other than the obvious monochrome alternatives. Try a two-color ombre fade, or get creative by creating a pattern with masking tape and then spraying a second color over it.

Even spray paint made exclusively for motorcycles is available. Aerosol paint sprays are available in a variety of colors and finishes. The collection even features a translucent finish and putty for covering dents and scratches.

Use Colorful Components

Colorful parts like cranks, pedals, stems, and so on are a great way to do this, whether you like your bike to be extremely coordinated or enjoy a little color clash. You can find a wide variety of equipment on Amazon in vibrant colors like green, blue, and purple. You can explore different colorful items on Amazon and choose something that you think will look cool on your bike. Always ensure to check all the color options available and select the colors that suit your bike.

Great Bike Motion Light and Display

Do you want to ride a stylish bike in town? If so, you’ll like this idea. It transforms your bike into a magnificent light show visible from miles away using motion sensors connected to high-power LED lights, addressable LED light strips, an Arduino 101, and a few other parts.

When everything is finished, the interactive motion lights react to bike motion and change color anytime you wave, turn, accelerate, brake, or even ride on a bumpy road. Control of the lighting and color scheme via Bluetooth link to a smartphone.

Use Some Stickers

It is one of the simplest methods to liven up your bike, needing no effort, money, time, or talent. Though obviously, it’s up to you, it might be better for kids’ cycles, your pub or commuter bike, rather than your top-of-the-line road machine. You can find a wide variety of bike sticker packs, including ones with motivational sayings, chevrons, flowers, and more.

Arduino Bike Blink Lights

In order to communicate with other drivers when changing lanes, turning, braking, or about to stop, a simpler method is required. All you need is an Arduino Nano, two LED strips, and a backpack to build wireless blinking lights for rear signaling. Mount a remote control to your bike handle for seamless control over blinking patterns. You will surely enjoy riding your bike more if you complete this DIY bike blink light project.

Bar Tape Wrap Patterns

Don’t limit yourself to using colorful bar tape; there are many wonderful ways to wrap it for a standout appearance. We’ve seen half-and-half, which has one side that is one color and the other designed with another color. You can also try the beautiful but lovely harlequin wrap, which leaves the bars with a diamond-shaped pattern. It is one of the budget-friendly and unique ideas to give your bike a new look that attracts everyone.

Voice-Controlled Turn Lights

Imagine that instead of using your arm to signal while changing lanes or turning on your bike, you can simply launch a vocal command. A pair of LEDs would then indicate the proper direction. You may do that by using this DIY voice-controlled turn light project.

It needs an Arduino Nano microcontroller to recognize speech using a machine-learning method called Edge Impulse, enabling a rider to activate the right and left LED turn signals with voice commands. Even better, because it always operates offline, network latency problems are never a concern.

Go Freestyle with Paint, Pens, and Brushes

How about freehand painting straight into the frame to decorate your bike if you want to be extremely inventive and have the talent to match your vision? To ensure that you stick to the pattern, it is advised that you sketch out the design beforehand and then lightly trace it onto the frame once it has been primed for painting. It is best to use fine paint brushes or paint pens, and you’ll need to add a top coat of polish to preserve the design.

Loud Bike Horn

A reliable bike bell rapidly warns pedestrians and other drivers of your presence, improving both your and other drivers’ safety. This improves your whole bicycle experience and increases your riding confidence.

You can turn your bike bell into a powerful automobile horn for about $3, which means you won’t have to shout for space in traffic as often. Get whichever car horn you choose since it uses a genuine car horn. Then mount everything using a 12 gauge wire, 14-inch connectors, and mounting brackets.

To prevent scratching your bike, place tape underneath the metallic components used in this project. Be sure to use a battery with adequate power. Additionally, the horn will sound louder the greater the battery voltage.

Bright Bar Tape, Grips, and Hoods

Today, you can find grips, bar tape, and even hood covers in almost any color. Even though black is a highly practical color for handlebars, you don’t have to keep with it. We also enjoy patterned bar tape, but if you prefer your color to be a little more subdued, how about plain black or white bar tape with a splash of a different hue?

Designing Your Own Vinyl Decals

Why not design your own custom-printed vinyl decals if you’re in a creative mood? Many businesses all around the world provide bespoke alternatives. You may create your own designs, forms, styles, and colors, have them printed, attach them on your bike, and voila! You’ll possess a bike that is unique to you.

Multicolor Spoke

Sick of silver or black? Choose spokes with multiple colors! These delicate flashes of color are available in titanium for BMXs and mountain bikes, and they look especially good on stealthy black bikes.

Fun Stem Caps

Especially when climbing, it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time looking at your stem. Wear a stem hat with an interesting pattern to give yourself a great view. Some have images like sugar skulls or mountains, while others have inspirational quotes or practical messages. Even ones with built-in clocks are available.

What Upgrades Can Make Your Bicycle Go Faster?


The biggest improvement you can make to your bike to increase speed is the wheels. Given the significant speed increases provided by proper wheel design, prices vary, but generally speaking, the higher the price, the faster the vehicle.

Road bike wheel design is a competitive industry. Wheels are being developed to be lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic, and most importantly, to have less spinning weight. Going faster may not always need paying more.


Another rotating component of your bike is the chainring. You might wish to choose the appropriate chainring ratio for the type of cycling you do in addition to increasing efficiency. A lighter one increases your speed just slightly.

If you frequently climb steep hills during your rides, you might choose a smaller chainring than if you mostly ride flat terrain.


The idea that brakes increase speed may seem paradoxical, yet effective brakes give you better control over the bike. As a result, you can regulate your speed more accurately, improving your ability to accelerate out of corners.

You can avoid slowing down too much and waste energy getting back up to your natural riding speed with effective brakes and good brake usage. Your energy levels are severely exhausted if this inefficiency repeatedly occurs throughout your trip.

You can cycle more effectively if your brakes are good and you use them properly. Importantly, the improved brakes are lighter and provide superior braking performance. Using brakes of this type will maximize your energy while only slightly increasing your speed.

Final Words

Biking has a wide range of advantages. Bikes let you travel places where cars can’t, releasing your sense of adventure while keeping you in shape. The excellent DIY projects mentioned above will surely increase your safety on the road and significantly improve your bike riding experience, regardless of whether you like to solo or group cycling activities.

Using these DIY ideas will help you make your bicycle look unique and attractive. Follow these great ideas to make your bicycle attractive and safe. All the best bicycle DIY ideas explained in this article are simple to follow and really help uplift your bicycle. You can make your riding experience great with the help of these wonderful ideas. Keep reading our blogs to find great reviews and trending ideas about the bicycle.


How Can Cycling be Made Safer?

The bike and vehicle lane space should be filled with transient objects such as light bollards, reflective plastic cones, conspicuous paint, and freestanding obstacles. To reduce the chance of collision, these bike lanes must be “one-way” exclusively and travel in the same direction as car traffic.

Can You Modify a Bicycle?

You may have fun and save money by improving the look and performance of your old bike. There are many fantastic ways to modify your bike, whether you want to explore a new area, start a new training regimen, or simply add some color to your life.

What Makes a Bike Efficient?

A bike with better aerodynamics will move faster. Wind resistance is the main factor slowing riders down, and the faster you ride, the more impact it has. You can ride more quickly if you choose a bike that minimizes the effects of wind resistance.

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